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1. There's a trade number discrepancy which is unexplainable to me in additional statistics, the pic is self-explanatory I believe.

2. Pro is unable to load last 2 bars from the data file, it seems to be so with every data file, hence a designed "feature", why?

Re: 1 issue and 1 question

Can you attach the strategy that leads to the first issue? It must be some specific case and I have to check it.

For the second issue, I noticed that the chart scroll alone some bars back depending on the zoom level. Can you try scrolling the chart to the right?

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Yep, the chart scroll made me look dumb, it's all there, thank you!

Returning to the trade number issue - I just replicated it with FSB's standard indicator as well, strategy attached nevertheless.

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Re: 1 issue and 1 question

The trade number problem seems to be data-specific or timeframe specific - D1 is fine, but lower TFs are problematic. Indicators are not so relevant, all standard indis I've gone through show this behaviour.