Topic: Need help with AWK convertor.

First off I want tosay you have developed a fantastic tool. Excellent work. I'm trying to import 1 minute EURUSD data. Here is what the data looks like after I used Awk Convertor.


FSB says it can't read the pricing information.

How do I fix this?

Thanks, Mike

Re: Need help with AWK convertor.

Hi Mike,
This converter is actually an AWK script. You have to adopt the script according to your data file. There are some help files about it.
Post a part of your initial data. I'll try to make a script for you.

By the way it seams the last data column is Price High. I can assume that your order is Open Close Low High. FSB cannot be sure of the exact order of the columns and give error.

Try to arrange columns like this:
Date Hour OpenPrice HighPrice LowPrice ClosePrice Volume