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The Exit Time indicator can be used as a Closing Logic Condition together with Bar Closing indicator and other exit filters. It allows you to specify an Exit Time with hours and minutes.

When the current bar Close Time becomes equal to the specified time, the strategy closes the current position at Bar Closing.

The exit time must correspond to the time frame in order to be possible the bar's Close to happen at the specified time.

This indicator is useful if you have a strategy with closing logic conditions, but you want also to close the position at the end of the day. In that case, you can set Exit Time = 24:00 or other hour (Ex. 17:00, 23:30, ...)

Important points:

  * The indicator always uses the MT server time.

  * Prevent trading after the close - if you want to prevent opening of new positions, after the Exit Time close, you have to restrict the entry by using a proper entry filter indicator. For example: Entry Hour, Entry Time...

  * Be aware of the Friday closing. This indicator sets one and the same closing time for all weak days. You have to close your position manually on Friday or by using other means.

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Re: Exit Time

could expand this indicator? "conclude the period hour A + B + hour minute to minute", similar to the EntyTime indicator?
One possible option would be: ignore the Morning Gap because I have problems with the Bollinger Bands. see … nds-close/

Thank You

Re: Exit Time

"conclude the period hour A + B + hour minute to minute"

Honestly I don't understand what you mean.

Re: Exit Time

Nun gut, auf Deutsch. Ich habe ein Problem mit dem Bollingerhandling eines Expert Advisors und suche eine Möglichkeit dieses zu lösen. Entweder Sie korrigieren den Code so, dass der EA, wie im FSB berechnet, seine Arbeit verrichtet, oder räumen mögliche Alternativen ein. Eine davon wäre eine zeitliche Manipulation, sodass das wie hier … nds-close/ beschriebene Problem ausgeschlossen werden könnte.  Ich denke dabei an die Erweiterung des Exit Times Indikators im Sinne des Entry Time Indikators (Schliessen zwischen Uhrzeit (H+min) A und Uhrzeit B). Hoffentlich genügt das. Ich muss leider mt Google übersetzen, da mein Englisch für diese Art Konversation momentan wohl nicht ausreicht.

Now again in English. I have a problem with the handling of a Bollinger Expert Advisors and looking for a way to solve this. Either you fix the code so that the EA, as calculated in the FSB, carries out his work, or concede possible alternatives. One of them would be a temporal manipulation, sodas could be excluded as ... described problem. I am thinking of the extension of the Exit Times indicator in terms of the Entry Time Indicator (Close between time (H + min) A and time B). I enclose a graph of the calculated target. Hopefully enough. I must unfortunately translate mt Google as my Englich for this type currently conversation probably is not enough.