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Topic: STP Broker (Straight Through Processing)

STP Brokers offer affordable Forex accounts with direct-to-market trading using real market prices, no dealing desk intervention and the execution benefits of trading with inter-bank liquidity and exchanges execution venues.
The STP Broker model offers many execution advantages such as no conflicts of interest between the client and broker, best execution policies, best Bid and Ask pricing, no re-quotes, fast order execution and unrestricted trading.
Trading with an STP Broker is beneficial for Expert Advisors, Scalpers, News trading and other profitable trading strategies due to the unique conflict free order execution flow and the "no risk" policies used by the STP Broker.
Yadix is a no dealing desk (STP) Broker with additional ECN accounts for an unrestricted trading environment, and based on fair and transparent  execution, Yadix has built a strong reputation with Scalpers, EA traders, HFTs, providing consistent high order execution quality, low costs and low latency technology for fast execution.
Traders are invited to visit Yadix to read more about how STP Broker trading can benefit all trading strategies or to open a live chat to discuss the benefits with our professional support team and account managers or read more:www.yadix.com/about-us/stp-forex-model/

Re: STP Broker (Straight Through Processing)

I've been trading with Yadix with Trio Dancer, the hft scalping EA. I have edited settings to make it successful and less risky.

The execution at Yadix is perfect for Scalping EAs, low spreads, low commission, good execution quality and no minimum market levels etc like most MM/DD brokers.

This EA also generates high volumes so I take part in the rebate program as added benefit. not bad at all.