Topic: single positions only not allowed in this case!

My broker seems to allow mutiple positions only. Meaning that when I have another signal in the same direction I cannot add more lots to my current position but I can only open another position. Is there any differences in the logic or in the results?

Re: single positions only not allowed in this case!

There is no difference in the result or the logic. The only difference is in the execution of the orders.

single positions                                                multiple positions
open new position 1lot                                           open new position 1 lot
adding 1 lot to the position                                     open another position in the same direction 1 lot as well
reducing the position with 1 lot                               close one of the existing positions (volume 1 lot)
(if the position has volume 1 lot it will be closed)      closethe current 1 lot position
reverce a position                                                 closing all existing positions and opening a new
                                                                           one with opposite direction (1 lot volume)
close the position                                                   close all opened position