Topic: Customer Service all should read this.

I want to point out something that all should know about Forex Strategy Builder Customer Service.

I had a problem yesterday, something I did not understand about the software, and after poulling my hair out for a few hours I sent an email to Popov describing my situatiion.

A couple hours later, I got a reply. Only two hours!

I had not sent full information but the reply was enough to show me my error.

Wow, it took only two hours!

Compare that service to the competition. A week, three days or no reply. I have been there, I have used the software from the competitors.

I think we have excellent customer service compared to the competition and that means more $$$$ for users of FSBPro.

Thanks Popov!

Re: Customer Service all should read this.

I received today an email promoting a competitive sofware.

Interesting was the price of  approximately 1,000 to get started and a renewal fee of about the same..... annually. On top of that were add ons

And there was a grand presentation about a system that had a remarkable proift ratio of 1.47, which to me is quite unacceptable. And the thing had a remarkable Sharpe of 1.06 which in many cases would be also unacceptable.

There were a number of other metrics quoted as wonderful, and to me they were not really what I would want to invest my money to receive.

The point I am making is. we have an excellent product and excellent support and a fantastic price.


Re: Customer Service all should read this.

No Doubt  that FSB is one of the best softwares in market in all aspects , Also iam sure that we are lucky to be part of it as a users and testers for it

Re: Customer Service all should read this.

I totally agree. 

All these years, Popov has been very prompt and professional in his work.  The big difference is Popov is both dedicated and passionate about what he is doing.  Others seem out to milk our money.