Topic: From a Simple Idea to a Good Result

Yesterday I spoke with a user about FSB Pro. We talked about the different ways of importing data and used his MT4 platform to import HST files.
Normally, before importing files directly from MT history folder, I clean all unnecessary files in order to speed up the conversion. However, there ware tens of symbols on the user's terminal loaded over the time. When we started the import, it took loooong time. An than he asked me a very simple question:

- Why FSB Pro imports symbols I don't have?

Hmmm. Actually there is no reason to import all available HST data.

It is very easy to check if a symbol is set in the target data source before conversion. It looks more natural to make a separate data source with only the symbols you are going to use and to import data only for them. I'll definitely add that feature and it will not take me more than several minutes.

The interesting is how a simple idea can save tens of hours. This is why the feedback is so important for improving the project.

Re: From a Simple Idea to a Good Result

To save space on my drive I have deleted many files from several MT4.

Most of the data that I use comes from the download facilities that are provided in the program, today I am using only EURUSD, it is easy enough to download others when I need them and then delete those when I am finished with them.