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Very nice tool!

Two important remarks:
- only works if data had been cached before. Otherwise results will be wrong (as intraday bars are not loaded);
- SL/TP/BE should be converted to % of the price so we can decently compare across different data;
- it would be nice to generate strategies for more than one pair at the same time. Then we would be sure that the generated strategy works well across different markets or data!


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I use another program to generate strategies for more than one instrument........ and there are far fewer trades when doing this, a drastic decrease in the number. It takes forever to optimize over more than one instrument due to the number of data points processed.

It may be ok to just compare two or more instruments.

I have one ea that processes 4 time frames for three different instruments, it takes forever, it processes each instrument and time frame separately and then produces some numbers.

The complexity can produce interesting numbers but the time element is huge.

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It's an important point the one you raise. Maybe two instruments would be ok, with manual testing on others. Still the issue of SL/BE/TP has to be taken into account as otherwise comparisons are not meaningful.

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If you are testing against multiple instruments, you are using the same ea for each, not a variable stop loss and take profit......

As soon as you change those, then you are not doing what you initially set out to accomplish.

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Blaiserboy, there's no fundamental difference between a strategy with a fixed or a relative (to the price of the pair being traded) SL. The only difference is that the relative SL is clearly more indicated. In fact, it can already be introduced in FSB when we select ART stop. In this specific case we can already perform the multi-market analysis in a comparable manner. What doesn't make any sense is to use the same SL in pairs with highly different values (eh 0,1 USD vs 0,0001 USD). However, ATR stop cannot be used with other closing indicators.

So the only thing we need it to have the choice of choosing fixed or relative SL/BE/TP. Maybe there's a reason not to do this, but I'm not aware of.

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I have not seen that in anything I have looked at.

I have a moving average strategy in MT5 that I optimized with several pairs, it is sorta profitable, but not near as many trades as one pair.... I guess I could change it so that different stops etc for each pair... a lottt of coding for that. It takes a lot of time to optimize and backtest several pairs on same EA. MT5 has the cloud to speed things up and it still takes a long time.

I have one ea that works on three pairs, optimizes 4 entries for each and does each pair separately..... however, the take profit and stop  and trailing stop are unique for each entry..... That one takes forever and uses only one indicator, the price channel...

As soon as multipair...... huge amount of time needed.

I tried in FSB pro to make an ea that would choose between three different sets of criteria...... using logical operators....... I did not have much luck..... hahaha

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There are not many simple things in this life, and making money is probably one of the most difficult smile

What you say makes sense, but at some point it contradicts the logic of multi-market. But in my view one thing is the SL and another is for example the period of a MA. While the SL is extremely sensitive to the point value, the period of a MA should be more adaptable to different pairs.

That's why I say that for us to be able to use the multi-market tool the SL/BE/TP have to be in % of the price and not inserted in absolute terms. Now it might be that there are other indicators in a similar situation...

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haha certainly making money is not easy..... I spend many hours every day in pursuit of a few dollars