Topic: mt4 CRASH

I have 5 ea's attached to an MT4 and it is continually crashing.... I reboot and connect the ea's again and crash again..

Has anyone experienced this, is there a solution

This is the first time I have used the trading part of FSB Pro, I have had many many  FST's attached to Mt4 in the past, either Mt4 has changed or I have something set up wrong.

For now I will use FST again.



Re: mt4 CRASH

Today I rebooted my machine, loaded the eas and mt4 and again a crash of Mt4

Does anyone have any ideas as to what may cause this?


Re: mt4 CRASH

I have no idea.

You can try recompiling the expert. Is it crashes with FST or with a simple strategy like the included "Test Trade"

Can you try MT4 from a different provider?

Re: mt4 CRASH

For now I will use FST as it takes a lot of time to move the ea's around and reboot and reset everything.

This happened several times yesterday and I could not work with it until now and again a crash so I went back to FST until I can do some research.

I have quite a few ea's to manage so i thought I would put them all on Pro, but for now it is best to use FST.

Re: mt4 CRASH

If you can specify a particular strategy that leads to a MT4 crash, I can debug the connection and eventually find the reason.

Re: mt4 CRASH

I will send it  to you later this evening


Re: mt4 CRASH

I had Mt4 loaded with 5 new strategies this morning and it crashed again. This was using FST.

I have had it crash with FSB Pro and FST.

Perhaps MetaQuotes is doing something with the new updates to cause this.

No one else seems to have this issue. at least no one is saying anything.

I am perplexed.!!