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Is this correct?
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Forex Strategy Builder V Beta
Strategy name: PSB_v03
Exported on: 8/2/2007 19:56:30

Market: EURUSD 1 Day
Spread: 4 pips
Swap Number: 3 pips

Balance: 43720 pips
Minimum account: -23 pips
Maximum drawdown: 1488 pips
Time in position: 81 %

The same direction signal  - does Nothing
The opposite direction signal - Reverses the position

[Open] Moving Average
     Logic The Price Open is lower than the MA value.
     Smoothing Method Weighted
     Base Price Open
     Period 2
     Shift 0
     Use previous bar value False

[Close] Moving Average
     Logic The Price Buy is higher than the MA value.
     Smoothing Method Weighted
     Base Price Close
     Period 1
     Shift 0
     Use previous bar value True


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Boa tarde o Senhor

Simple Moving Average (Price Open, Period 2)  is equal to the middle of the previous bar (when there is no gap)
You use weighted MA and that means the MA value will be closer to the previous closing price.

We have to open at the MA value.
If the previous bar is white, the price has to fall back to the its body middle.

Moving Average (Price Close, Period 1)
Use previous bar value True

is the previous bar closing.

The position will be closed during the current bar if the market reaches first the middle of the previous bar and after that its closing. If the position is not closed at the current bar, it will be closed at the beginning of the next bar.

The logic of these two moving averages guarantees that the deal will open on a price located between them. Since we have moving average indicator in the close slot lying below the open position price, the loss will be limited.

When FSB calculates the back test it uses the known points - open, high, low and close prices. Also, it tries to interpolate the bar to calculate the intermediate points. The problem is that we know the prices of the point but do not know the sequence.
When we use for entry and exit points Price Open or Price Close the result is 100% correct.
When we use an indicator like MA, the result of the bar interpolation is 88 - 96% correct. We don't know how does the price move inside the bar.

Hints for more reliable results:
- Where is possible use Price Open or Price Close for entry and exit.
- Use lower time frame and scale the parameters ( MA(10) on a daily chart is equal to MA(60) on 4 hours chart
- Test on different markets and periods.
- A small change of a parameter has to lead to a small change of the result. The opposite shows over-optimisation.
- Always seek a lower drawdown.

It is possible this strategy to exploit the interpolation method of calculation to show higher result.

The rules of the strategy are quite simple and the result is good, but we have to be aware of the "Maximum drawdown: 1488 pips"

Many pips profit!

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Your strategy looks great! Its really easy to use but I was wondering why do you use swap value - 3 pips is that what your dealer is charging you? It looks too much. On the real market if your position is not closed till the end of the bar it is much better to close it manually at the end of the bar, thus saving the rollover fee.

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Oh Ok ... Very Thanks Popov and Karl Marx for explain  big_smile
Karl which the best  for swap number?


Look ... i wanna build 1 EA with my strategys for i test in real. I see EA builder here in this link


and i was trying build EA PSB_v01 ...

Karl Marx sad:


Buy at: MA1
When:   Bar Opening < MA1 and MA1 > MA2
Sell at: MA1
When:   Bar Opening > MA1 and MA1 < MA2

The orders:
Pending order Buy, Stop, 1 lot, order price ? MA1
Pending order Sell, Stop, 1 lot, order price ? MA1

The position will be closed when the market reaches the MA (Weighted, Price Open, 10) value.


i got put buy order -- bar open > ma1 and ma1 > ma2
i got put sell order -- bar open > ma1 ans ma1 < ma2

but i dont got close these orders in this ea builder because ?i need put 1 order  for close when the price reache the ma2 right? but this options doesnt exist ... in ea builder. Can you help me?


Onem more time Very Thanks

Re: PSB_v03 EUR/USD Daily

As far as I understood you want to use the strategy made with FSB in the mentioned Expert Adviser Builder so that you can trade on-line with it. This is fully possible but you have to be sure that the conditions are the same and the logic is translated correctly for the EA builder.
First you need to ensure that you use previous bar value for the second MA (price close, 1). In your case this can be made by using a shift value = 1 (meaning the same as Use previous bar value).

Second, since you cannot use the same closing logic you can set your strategy without it and then add it in the MQL script manually(However, we are not familiar with the EA builder in detail so we cannot guarantee that the close logic cannot be used with it. We just assume so from your experience. You can ask their experts whether this is possible).

Moreover, you should be careful when using such strategies and be fully aware of the risks involved. As you can see from the info about your strategy  Maximum drawdown: 1488 pips there is a possibility that you start the trading with some losing deals in a row leaving your account empty and thus throwing you out of the market. We from FSB team do not encourage you to trade on the real market. If you decide to do so you do it on your own risk!
However, the result of such a try will be of great interest to us.
Wish you luck!

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one more thanks Karl Marx ... yes are right 1488 is crazy
i will trade manually and study for make my own EA big_smile and with FSB
THX friend ...  omg my english is terrible ... i will study mql language and English too jhahjajha
cya friends
i will wait you, Popov and forum friends for carnival in Brazil ... start in thursday smile very very nice girls!!
look for this video carnival >

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Thanks for the invitation and for the video. I've been to the last two carnivals in Rio but I'll miss this one. I'm just leaving for a two months cruise in the Mediterranean  sea so I'll be away for a while.