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The rapid growth rate of the pound has led to the level of 1.6775 against the dollar

As part of the renewed rapid increase the British Pound broke through by another "bull" candleof the level 1.6775 and reached the upper limit of the channel. The 100- period simple moving average is marked asblue line on the graph; it is built on the basis of the closing price (close). Red line marks the 50 - period average moving line, built on the basis of the closing price (close).

The MACD indicator parameters are as follows: fast exponential moving average is 12, based on the closing prices; the slow exponential moving average is 26, based on closing prices; the signaling simple average moving is 9, based on closing prices. The locations of the MACD indicator columns above the zero line indicates its positive trend, and the location of the bars of the MACD indicator below the zero line –the negative dynamics.

The parameters of the RSI indicator are 14 that are constructed on the basis of the closing prices. The RSI indicator overbought area is determined by the intersection of the indicator line above 70 and the RSI indicator oversold zone is defined by the indicator line intersection below 30. For the better detection of the trend the level 50 is in the RSI indicator window. The Stochastic indicator parameters (Stochastic Oscillator) are as follows: the period % K is 5, the period % D - 3, the period of deceleration - 3.
Stochastic indicator constructed by simple moving average based on the average price (Low / High). Stochastic indicator overbought zone is determined by the indicator line intersection above 80 and the Stochastic indicator oversold zone is determined by the intersection of the line indicator below 20.

At the moment, the predominant direction of the Forex market–is upward, as indicated by the intersection of the upward moving averages with periods of 100 and 50. Moreover, the both sliding lines show a moderate increase. The upper boundary of the channel, as well - the level of 1.6865 can serve as the nearest resistance to the market.

It is important to note that the current consolidation of the GBP / USD pair occurs for several reasons. In particular, the UK trade balance indices of visible trade have improved and the ones of the trade balance excluding trade with the EU.

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GOLD UPDATE 2014/04/22

Gold Slips in Thin Trading, but Ukraine Tensions Support.

Gold slipped back below $1300 in thin holiday trading on Monday. The London market was closed in observance of Easter Monday.

ETF outflows seen last week, may have weighed on sentiment somewhat. The largest gold back ETF saw nearly a 10 tons drop in its holdings. However, we know that gold coming out of the ETF vaults has been making its way to Asia for satisfying seemingly insatiable demand. That flow of physical metal has been well documented over the last year.

The four-party talks in Geneva last week regarding Ukraine may have somewhat lessened the geopolitical risks, but it would not take long for the rhetoric to start heating up once again. Russia accused Ukraine of violating the just reached agreement in Geneva, following a weekend shooting in Slavyansk, which prompted the pro-Russian mayor of that Ukrainian city to call for Russian to send ‘peace-keeping’ troops.

Ukraine claims that Russian troops are already operating in eastern-Ukraine, which would be a very clear violation of the four-party agreement. The New York Times and CNN published photos of the so-called “green men.” The Crimean annexation started with the infiltration of Russian Special Forces.

Technically, gold is trading at a major support level of 1278. A good buying opportunity arises at the 1278 major support level on gold with minimum risk and maximum reward.