Topic: FST didn't the profit at time

Attached is the image of the transactions. It was called a SELL at 14:07 with one TP of 1.35665; at the 14:29 occured a price down to 1.35603 (62 PIPS less than the TP) and the FST didn't close the operation.
Can someone explain me what it's happening?

Re: FST didn't the profit at time

Where's the image? You used permanent TP or TakeProfit or StopLimit indicator, correct? If so, and you didn't see any errors in journal and log files about FST not being able to set TP, it means TP was successfully set up in the trading server, the latter means you have to ask your broker why TP was not triggered.

If other indi was used, speak up. The more info you can provide, the better.

Re: FST didn't the profit at time

Hi Footon, the image was attached but only as a testimonial. Your comment is good; certainly the server in the broket should cut the operation as soon as the price was reached. I will make the contact to know what happened in this issue. Best regards