Topic: Is this a bug or feature

2 Miroslav - please se below
I am trading via old FST as the custom indicators I am using are no longer supported in new version.
The behavior i saw was not expected. Strategy closing logic is:
Exit long at the on higher round number, and plus 38 pips

Opened long position at   1.35986
it should close position at 1.36000 + 38 = 1.36038
it does    close position at 1.35900 + 38 = 1.35938

Resulting in loss. Is that bug or feature:)

Re: Is this a bug or feature

digits says round to two numbers which it appears to have done

I think 1.36000 would be three digits rounded.. whereas indicator says 2

Footon has played with this indicator a bit and he may know a definitive answer.

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