Topic: Newbie help needed

Hi Every one
i have no experience of programing what so ever. and i am trying to develop a strategy according to DIBS method.

strategy is simple
1) An inside bar occurs.
2) if the inside bar is above 21 MA, then a buy pending order will be created 5 pips above the inside bar
3) If the inside bar is below 21 MA, then a sell pending order will be created 5 pips below the inside bar

take profit and stop will be according to currency

EURUSD = SL=50 TP = 100
USDCHF = SL=50 TP = 100
AUDUSD = SL=50 TP = 100
GBPUSD = SL=60 TP = 120
USDJPY = SL=50 TP = 100
USDCAD = SL=60 TP = 120
EURJPY = SL=90 TP = 180
GBPJPY = SL=50 TP = 100

The strategy is only applicable to Daily Chart.

i have gone through tutorial and all, and i dont know how to detect an Inside bar in Strategy builder.

Kind help needed.

Re: Newbie help needed

Look in 'Opening Logic' in builder and you will see 'Narrow Range'

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