Topic: Problem with closing positions (at end of the day)

Hi All,

I’m having trouble with closing positions. I have 2 cases outlined as below;

CASE #1 – Positions Not Closing At End Of Day

    Exit Signal  =  “Day Closing 2” only    (no other conditions)   with Day close hour = 23:55   Friday Close hour = 19:50
    Positions remained open through    2013.08.12  23:55     into     2013.08.13    time is as displayed on MT4 chart (MT4 time 0:00  =  My Computer time 07:00)


    No “exit order sent” observed in the journal
    Journal Time in FXST seems to correspond with my computer time, and not my MT4 time
    FXST under the “Strategy” tab in the bottom right hand corner seems to display my MT4 time (not my computer time)
    When I scroll back on my MT4 chart I observe in the history of my open chart that all positions which opened on a particular day close at the end of that day (MT4 time) with lines connecting the open trades to the close order. Since then trades have not been closing in this manner.

See attached screenshots showing the observations I have outlined here   (01 - Closing Orders - End Of Day Not Closing - 13Aug2013.jpg)    may have to zoom in.

CASE #2 – Closing Condition Not Defined for Short

I have read previously that this issue was brought up by hbrewster on 2013-16-07 and that Mr. Popov has fixed the bug and will update the FST. So I guess that answers the main question for case 2.

But while I’m here I was wondering for a closing position that is based on an indicator that is “shifted”, and say the bar will close a long position at the end of the day IF price is above the shifter MA, does this refer to the value of the MA AT the current price bar.. or the “shifted forward” value of the MA??   (the indicator can be seen a couple of hundred bars in front of the current price if shifted, for example)

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Re: Problem with closing positions (at end of the day)

FST and FSB Pro were updated recently. The newest versions fix the bug with Day closing 2 and Week Closing 2.