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Topic: can some one explain Epsilon?

hi  I  was going over the fractals filter, in hopes to convert it to a better Fibonacci filter, when I cam across "Epsilon" expression  line 193-203  what does it mean?( and I don't mean the Greek meaning)

also I have a concept to create a more flexible filter based on fibo levels that would determine the maximum lot size based on the maximum allowable loss that is based on the percentage of the account size, or if it's not possible to access the account size data, then on  an arbitrary $ value.

I would love any input on the Feasibility of this idea based on the FST and FSB program capability.

if it is possible, what function call on the account size value ?

another question I have is: does anyone know if  the 'EnterOnce' filter will it  prevent multiple entries at one level as long as the initial position is open?

also: can a SL and TP be set by a filter that is based on the market action?

I hope someone can give me some insight, I understand that in the past some of that function was not possible on the old program, however I am not well familiar with the pro-program capabilities

Thanks smile

Re: can some one explain Epsilon?

Epsilon should be the smallest value possible, but bigger than zero. MSDN library is the place to go for info on this, cause I may talk gibberish here. smile

SL/TP - must be hard coded in the source to work, not yet familiar with pro, so can't answer on that one.