Topic: Forex Contests and Drawings by InstaForex.

Results of InstaForex contests
InstaForex is glad to outline the results of the latest steps and congratulate the winners! We thank all the traders who expressed interest in our campaigns and joined them. Absolutely everyone can test his strength and skills in real conditions. You can also increase your trading account due to the prize money you can win. InstaForex provides the wide range of contests for you to reveal your strong points no matter what training you have and how long you have been trading on the currency market. New steps, new results, and new winners!

InstaForex Sniper
We congratulate Korsunskaya Viktoriya on winning this contest! Perfect results, skillful handling of trading instruments – and the deserved reward for the efforts! The first place is the result of competent work and discipline in making important decisions. We wish Victoriya every success. May your top place be a great incentive for future achievements. Others are welcome to register for the next step that will be held June 24-28. The registration is available on the contest page.

Real Scalping
Short-term trading is highly stressful. When it is competitive, it requires much more from you with no right for mistake. Andry Gunawan has become  the best in this contest! InstaForex reminds you that everybody has a real opportunity to fight for a part in the company’s prize pool of $72,000. Enter the contest, which will take place on July 1-26. Who knows, maybe you will be the next winner!

One Million Option 
Get prize points for each option you win. Now the winner is Tatyana Zys! This contest’s outcome depends only on your skills and experience in option trading. The next step will be carried out June 24-28. The registration is available on the contest page. Hurry up to take part and increase your trading account balace!

Lucky Trader
Absolutely everyone can be lucky! Today the first place goes to Joao Mesquita! He managed to score the most points in the participant rating at the finish. InstaForex congratulates the lucky trader! Now you can test your Luck  - put your nameon the participant list! The next step starts on July 1, 2013.

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