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Topic: New indis in the repository

Renamed the thread to draw attention on what's happening in the repo. This thread might be a better go-to reference for newcomers, at least I hope so.

Just letting everybody know that Squalou has coded a very nice indi, LowPass Filter Moving Average. Be sure to check it out, it's in the repo.

http://forexsb.com/repository/repositor … -filter-ma

Thank you Squalou for your contributions, very much appreciated smile

Re: New indis in the repository

Interesting stuff is appearing in the repo.

Latest one from dr. B, Trade Start Filter, quite useful one to have! And thanks for the kind words.

http://forexsb.com/repository/repositor … -filter-cs

Thank you, dr. B!

Re: New indis in the repository

I am glad you like it and thank you  smile

Re: New indis in the repository

Spread Level Pro

This indicators is designed to work in FSB Pro. It differs from Spread Limiter by the way it takes the Spread.

In Builder mode: indicator uses Spread sets in the Symbol properties. It's a constant value.

In Trader mode: indicator calculates Spread = Ask - Bid.

This indicator works in FSB Pro Alpha 4.2+. It will work in the future versions of FSB and FST also.