Re: Daily Updates

Do you like this one?


Re: Daily Updates

Wow, that will be very useful!

My 'secret' goal is to push EA Studio until I can net 3000 pips per day....


Re: Daily Updates

I'm working on reducing the memory consumption of FSB. There are very promising results so far.


I noticed today that the online data download service doesn't update the data files. I'll try to find the reason and to fix it during the next week.


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I'm almost ready with the new FSB release.


Re: Daily Updates


All are excited about the renovations will be good for sure.

lg Pit


Re: Daily Updates

We recovered the Data Download service. The reason for the malfunction was a wrong volume of a bar in the Dukas data. The service is designed to prevent publishing of wrong data and has very strict algorithms for data validation.

Please report any issues with the Data Download service you may encounter.


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Forex Strategy Builder will be able to convert the time zone of the downloaded data files.



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A public early access version of Forex Strategy Builder will be available on Saturday. Stay tuned.


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I just opened a new GitHub repo where I'll upload helpers MT scripts. PopovMP/FSB_MQL_Code