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Dear users,

Our friend Doug (slowkey) started a series of videos about FSB and FST in Steve Hopwood's forex forum: Forex Strategy Builder and Trader

The project is work in progress. Doug started with it spontaneously and the first videos are without a specific scenario and scripts. The videos represent correctly the way of thinking of an advanced FSB user. They are very helpful as introduction to the software.

We'll post all videos here.

Now, Doug is a part of our community. We, the developers and more advanced users, will helm him with hints and guides.

Our final goal is to make a series of tutorials about the programs and some presentation videos.

You are welcome to comment the videos and to request specific topics for the future work.
You can also read more about the videos in his original thread.

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Video One ... An Introduction to Forex Strategy Builder


Video two ... An Introduction to Forex Strategy Trader ...

This one will have you running on a demo when your done watching. The trader is easy to operate.


Video three ... Further thoughts on Forex Strategy Builder


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So where is Doug. Well I am learning what will become Version 3.0.

So for videos.
I think first that two brief overview videos on what is new in the interface and generator of FSB 3.0 would be a good place to start.

I think the best way to approach what I have in mind here after that is by many smaller 5-10 minute videos.

I hope to compile a complete video help to 3.0 made up of small short topical videos for many obvious reason. The user can just pick out a topic to watch. It will be easy to outline a script and fill in the details for each topic. They will be easy to edit and make accurate with review from expert users and developers. We have the wiki as a starting point if it is still applicable to a specific topic in FSB 3.0. Other users may want to contribute scripts and do videos in time and there would be an established format and procedure that would not be to much of a barrier for new contributors. It will be easy to preview short videos here and get feedback. I also like the idea that those involved in the help wiki may be able to use content developed here topically. Just some starting ideas. Videos can be fatiguing and time consuming to make and sometimes to watch so short seems like a good idea. Learning a program like FSB is done in many steps. You do not need to know all of them to get started. Importing of tick data only when you go to do it for instance.

Any feedback from Members, Moderators or Developers appreciated.

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I agree that shorter videos are better:
- it's much easier to compose them on by one
- it's easier to remake if it's necessary
- such specialized videos can be placed also in the wiki under the specific topic.

We have the wiki as a starting point if it is still applicable to a specific topic in FSB 3.0.

The documentation is the most difficult thing to maintain. I'm wondering how the other freeware projects do this. Are they has paid documentators or only contributors write it?

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I think short is easier, particularly to learn from.

Thanks for these, Doug!

My 'secret' goal is to push EA Studio until I can net 3000 pips per day....

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I am still around and committed to this project. Just have a lot on my plate at the moment. Stay tune. smile

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Thank you Doug.

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These were a really big help when I started out. Thanks.