Topic: EURUSD 1 Hour--->133250 pips

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Strategy name: A.Tahon2
Forex Strategy Builder v2.76.0.0
Exported on: 2012-04-04 9:56:04.MD

Market: EURUSD 1 Hour
Spread in pips: 3,00
Swap Long in pips: 2,00
Swap Short in pips: -2,00
Commission per lot at opening and closing in pips: 0,00
Slippage in pips: 0

Maximum open lots: 20,00
Entry lots: 2,50

Intrabar scanning: Not accomplished
Interpolation method: Pessimistic scenario
Ambiguous bars: 0
Tested bars: 19922
Balance: 133250 pips (143250,00 USD)
Minimum account: -133 pips (9867,50 USD)
Maximum drawdown: 10675 pips (10675,00 USD)
Time in position: 23 %

[Strategy Properties]
     A same direction signal - Does nothing
     An opposite direction signal - Does nothing
     Permanent Stop Loss - None
     Permanent Take Profit - None
     Break Even - None

[Opening Point of the Position]
     Bar Opening
     Enter the market at the beginning of the bar
     Base price  -  Open

[Opening Logic Condition]
     Moving Average
     The bar opens above the Moving Average after opening below it
     Smoothing method  -  Simple
     Base price  -  Open
     Period  -  35
     Shift  -  32
     Use previous bar value  -  No

[Opening Logic Condition]
     Bollinger Bands
     The bar opens below the Upper Band
     Smoothing method  -  Simple
     Base price  -  Close
     MA period  -  22
     Multiplier  -  2,00
     Use previous bar value  -  Yes

[Closing Point of the Position]
     Bar Closing
     Exit the market at the end of the bar
     Base price  -  Close

[Closing Logic Condition]
     Moving Average
     The Moving Average rises
     Smoothing method  -  Simple
     Base price  -  Close
     Period  -  33
     Shift  -  44
     Use previous bar value  -  No

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Re: EURUSD 1 Hour--->133250 pips

please upload your strategies in the repository you can do it from the application directly

Thanks and good work

Re: EURUSD 1 Hour--->133250 pips

test period is too small

My 'secret' goal is to push EA Studio until I can net 3000 pips per day....