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Importing MT4 EURUSD 1440 data from Alpari UK demo resulted in only 2 years of recent data.. All FSB data are gone.
as far as I can see the new data are formatted according to the wiki. 
However the FSB data are not, see picture. Looks like the year is in the wrong format

How can I merge all pairs/timeframes data?


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Would you be able to provide some more details about how you are importing the data?  Are you exporting from MT4 and then opening the files within FSB, or are you using the MT4 .hst file import functionality?


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Hi Ab,

I am using the FSB import of MT4 HST files  (Alpardi UK demo Micro)
after that I look with Excel:

"2005-02-24    00:00    1.3207    1.3271    1.3174    1.3194    7285"
"2005-02-25    00:00    1.3192    1.3251    1.3143    1.3245    6692"
"2005-02-28    00:00    1.3238    1.3281    1.3213    1.3215    5806"

while FSB data (filedate 13/7/2012) in Excel look like:

"26/06/89    00:00    0.99980    1.00120    0.99910    0.99980    43"
"27/06/89    00:00    0.99720    1.00500    0.99550    0.99970    166"
"28/06/89    00:00    0.99970    1.00250    0.99050    0.99890    233"

hope you can help

Re: How to add more data

Your original data looks compatible with FSB. Why do you want to change it?

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I have found the link that explained it

Being a DOS dinosaur (you know? some obscure operating system in the dark ages of the computer)
I pointed FSB directly to the data in the history directory instead of using the MT4 top left: "File.. Save As.. ASCII"

To have as much data as possible its best to scroll to the left of all chart data

Time flies when you are having fun ...    :-(