Topic: need guidance on converting MT4 indicator for use in FSB

Hello I have had a prolonged absence forum and upon return finding it hard to find some of the answers I know are here somewhere.

Have spent a lot of time making my own indicator in Metatrader4 that compiles and works and now want to convert it to the FSB language and not sure where to start.

Is there any guidance you can offer me.

The indicator works in MT4, is there any form of template or approach for someone that does not know C script, can cut and paste code, buffers etc across

Any advice or links to where this is discussed in detail in the forum would be helpful.


Re: need guidance on converting MT4 indicator for use in FSB

Welcome back, Dave!

Sticky topics here ->  is a good start.

Firstly, I would choose the base source code from available FSB's indis. What kind of indi are you dealing with? Is it an oscillator or a chart-drawn indi? What kind of logics need to be in that indi? Answers to these questions will help you decide which source to use, after that you can start porting the calculation block to C# and add other bits if necessary.

C# and mql are quite similar but principal differences exist when porting Mt's indi to FSB. There isn't a script or a simple copy-paste-formula, it's a process where different components and variables define the approach and solution.

I'm glad to help out in your coding project, feel free to ask.

Re: need guidance on converting MT4 indicator for use in FSB

Thank you very much Footon. Exactly what I needed information wise and thank you for the offer of assistance. I will look into the complexity of converting indicator and possibly ask for some help to finish if I get into trouble.

Your answer has also made me think that my indicator in affect is a strategy,
that is I combined various several base indicators and conditional logic such that when all were satisfied, the indicator simply plotted entry arrows on the MT4 chart for long and short trades.

So I may be able to re-crate using FSB by breaking it back into constituent pieces.

I will investigate and report back

thanks again