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Downloaded the data from TrueFX, I imported 1 year, but still only get a Scanned MQ of 36.66%. There would have to have at least a 90% quality of modeling? In MT4 also sometimes happens that.

Already happened also to stay in red color the Scanned MQ and not give any percentage!

If we have a better scan quality will no longer be trusted? If different the quality test in the FSB, sorry.

I am awaiting the return!

I thank you!

Re: Scanned MQ%

The whole point of the intrabar scanner is to reduce ambiguous bars, that's the number you should pay attention to. If there are very few ambig. bars or none whatsoever, you have successfully extracted the data of the strat behaviour over a specific data set.

Re: Scanned MQ%

Ok footon! Thanks for the feedback!
Now I understand that refers the Scanned MQ%. But the quality of the tests as is? I do not know how does the quality of modeling the FSB!

Can you tell me?

Even more!

Re: Scanned MQ%

Read more here: … on_methods