Topic: MT4 is connected, then is disconnected.

There has been some mention of this problem before in various forms but here is a recent issue I am having since I got a new HP server. I am using Windows Vista Business with all the Aero bloatware cut for maximun performance.

I have just MT4 and FST running and everything works fine and trades go nicely. I have just the MT4 window and FST window overlayed in front of it so I can see both, however, when the price ticks come in then MT4 briefly shows "Forex Trader is disconnected" but then quickly reverts back to connected. FST does not change to disconnected.

If I minimise the FST window this does not happen and MT4 stays rock solid connected. I am wondering if there is some inefficiency with FST when it updates the screen window and that delay is enough to cause MT4 to lose its connection.

Re: MT4 is connected, then is disconnected.

I don't think screen update is the reason but we cannot be sure. Is it happens for different tabs selected?

Re: MT4 is connected, then is disconnected.

Yes, it happens whichever tab is selected. For example even if I select the strategy tab. The only thing that is then updating is the data at the bottom of the window with equity , etc. If I open other windows like internet explorer or even windows update it is fine. It only occurs when the FST window is on the screen.