Topic: Forex Strategy Builder v2.72

July 29, 2012 - Forex Strategy Builder v2.72 includes Data import from TrueFX, Italian translation, improved JForex data import and fixes in Analyzer tools.

TrueFX import documentation

Full list of changes:
  * Correction of Display Bug with MetaTrader4 Error Message Display.
  * Added monitoring of Startegy directory for new files option.
  * Added Italian translation contributed by Sombrero55.
  * Added data import from TrueFX contributed by Acerguest.
  * Added Credits and Contributors link to About Screen.
  * Added a Legend to Overoptimization Chart.
  * Over-optimization chart flipped horizontally.
  * JForex import parses files with data delimiter - space.
  * Added loadsavedata command to Command Console.