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Hello dear users,

As you already noticed, I changed the design of the website. The content remains the same and the change includes the internal structure and a small facelift.

Website is based on a wiki engine - DokuWiki.
The used template is 99% the default one coming with the software. This ensures smooth work and compatibility with different browsers and devices.

Forum theme was also changed to the default one from PunBB + a navigation bar on the header.

This website structure allows easier maintenance, renewing and  expansion.
Almost all pages are open for editing for the registered users, so please fill free to correct, expand, or improve them.

The process of transition to the new structure includes redirection of old content to the new pages. Please report any issues and broken links.

Any feedback is highly welcomed.

Best regards and luck,
Miroslav Popov

Re: Website Design Changed

Small update,
Website will be open for editing for everyone for some time, so if you see something wrong, just correct it on place.
Don't be afraid to do it, you cannot damage anything.

Re: Website Design Changed

Documentation wiki set to allow editing from logged users only.
Previous accounts was restored. It's possible some accounts from last several weeks to be broken. If this is your case, please register again.

Please report any broken links or other issues.

Re: Website Design Changed

How come this forum has no search feature?

Re: Website Design Changed

There is a "Search" menu item in main menu strip.