Topic: Possible bug - FST misses opened position?

my strategy is 1m Euro, adding to position if Winner, opposite direction Close, TP = 700.
(another FST instance, but same strategy is running for GBP - but I believe it should not conflict)

FST is holding Short on Euro from 29.06 to 02.07.

My assumption are:
1) in case of opposite signal, FST should Close current position.
2) then if square, another signal should trigger new position
3) in case of same direction signal, FST should increase position

As you can see on the picture:
1) 01.07 - FST thinks it`s square (but it`s on Short)
2) 02.07 - FST want`s to open Buy (but should Close current position)
- Result of that is error from broker - 'Hedging is prohibited'

Is this possible to happen? Looks very dangerous to me.
Can I check anything else?

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Re: Possible bug - FST misses opened position?

FST doesn't store any info during its run. It receives actual info with every ticks coming from MT4 vie the expert. I don't think we have  a bug here. Most probably some info glitch from the broker.

FST and it's Expert are some of the most sophisticated, reliable and user protective addons to MT4.

Re: Possible bug - FST misses opened position?

Hi Mr Popov.
I`m a developer too, and in my job it`s common to struggle with some 'glitches', that comes from external services.

Strategy was tested on Oanda broker.  The error also manifested on few of my other strategies.
What steps I could follow to track the issue?

Re: Possible bug - FST misses opened position?

It's strange that at the moment of screenshot, FST shows the correct position in the status bar, but the journal is wrong.

But the problem must not be only in journal because FST tries to execute entry.

I'll check the source codes for some issues.
You can try reproduce this behavior on a demo account. If you succeed, we can trace the problem.

Re: Possible bug - FST misses opened position?

It seems, it may be broker issue overall.
1) It`s demo account
2) problem seems to be common for all strategies
3) broker seems to likes updating comment field, with I`m guessing is essential for FST ?

I can`t verify if they do the same for Live accounts.
Oanda seems good to me, as they don`t delete demo accounts after 1 month, like the rest of brokers.

Re: Possible bug - FST misses opened position?

FST does receive strategy comments but doesn't use it for anything.

It uses info collected in aggregatePosition variables set in expert.

Re: Possible bug - FST misses opened position?

So what now?
Would enabling logging on expert, give me some value info about it?

Re: Possible bug - FST misses opened position?

I'll update FST and Expert soon. I'll add logging bar info and position info at beginning of every bar. We'll see than if expert see position change.
Currently Expert calculate AggregatePosition at every tick and at every operation and sends that info to FST. But it doesn't log that info.
I'll add also automatic log to FST with the same info as in expert.
We'll be able to compare these logs to found the problem.

Re: Possible bug - FST misses opened position?

Great news. Looking forward to put it to tests.