Topic: Time problem

I have a problem with time in FST. The strategies work well in FSB, but when run in FST, the times do not work properly. For example:

DAILY strategy fractal (see picture)
- Operation opens on Friday at 22:16
- Try to close to the Sabdo at 2:00 (closing operator "closing day")
- FST Time 21:00

Could someone please help me.

Thank you very much and best regards.

Re: Time problem

FST is trying to close your position on a Saturday when the market is shut.  It has correctly reported this to you.

If you want to close a position over the weekend you need to send the close order at least 5 seconds before the market shuts. See this thread, it may give you what you need:-

Alternatively, as you are using daily bars you could change your closing logic to use bar closing. Then in FST under strategy>trade settings, set the advance time to suit.