Topic: Issue with MT4-FST Expert connection

I tried to open 4 MT4-FST Expert under different ID to different FST ( all started from same folder ). Initially I have 2 MT4-FST Expert connected, but soon once of them got disconnected. Before it get permanent got disconnected, I have notice that "Automatic Execution" was flpping from Stop to Start.

The third won't connect and it display "MT4-FST Libarary Server Error -1".

Did I do anything wrong or is there any problem with the FSt?

Re: Issue with MT4-FST Expert connection

When you installed FST. you may not have installed the new FST EA.

Check the original file and make sure that you copy new EA into your metatrader folder.

Tyr that.

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Re: Issue with MT4-FST Expert connection

Expert version is 1.10 which I believe is the latest version as the FST is downloaded just days ago. Now I have 3 FST running simultaneously and all 3 of them is showing intermittent disconnect which connect automatically in the MT4 chart.

Wonder is such issue might affect the trading result especially when trade signal is trigger but the EA connection at that instance is momentarily disconnectred.

Re: Issue with MT4-FST Expert connection

Be sure that you do not have MT4-FST Expert attached to some other chart.
Open first one FST and connect to one Chart with unique ID, let's say 100. If connection is stable (it must be). Start second FST and chart with ID 110. And so on...
Do not close charts or recompile experts during trading. It causes resetting of expert parameters.
Be sure that the correct expert ID is shown on upper left side of NT4 chart.