Topic: Where to Import Data Files

We have already three tools for importing external data to FSB:
- MT4 Historikal Files
- Oanda Tick Data
- JForex Data files

Currently the imported data ovrwrites the corresonding files in the current data directory (Data).

Do you like to add a separate destination for the imported files?

We can add a "Browse" button and text field for the destination path. By default it will be the current data folder.

Re: Where to Import Data Files

There are probably many opinions as to what would be useful here.

I suggest that a 'Browse' button be installed so that people can have a choice as to the data they are using without rewrite over existing files.

Hopefully others will comment as well.

Thanks for the Oanda feature.

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Re: Where to Import Data Files

I think this would be nice. Being able to select or assign a destination for the imported data would save a little time. The browse button for the choice sounds good as well.

To get around the issue I downloaded a couple of copies of FSB which works fine, but being able to choose a destination would just make it that much easier.