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Topic: Hi everyone!

How is everybody?  I'll go ahead and just admit that I know next to nothing about this stuff yet, and was recommended by some online resources to get your feet wet by joining forums and talking with people that actually trade and make strategies.  Therefore, here I am.

I still haven't tried any real amount of trading or signed up for a demo account yet, I'm about as green as a recruit as Fort Benning! Haha!

Anyway, hope to get rolling soon and will talk to all you guys soon!

Ah, jeez, I forgot to introduce myself: I'm Ryan and apparently I'm an airhead. lol

Re: Hi everyone!

Welcome Ryan in this forex community. Your decision to join forum to being familiar with forex trading is right because it offers a great opportunity to discuss with other traders.

Re: Hi everyone!

Hello Ryan,

Welcome to this forum! I am sure you will make many friends here.

Learning forex trading, to join forex forums is a good way for your growing in forex trading. Here have many sources about forex and experienced traders you can talk with.

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