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Hi all,

I'm not sure if the error occurs only with me. I have developed a strategy which has 10  ambiguous bars. Now I wanted to start the Intrabar-Scanner to control this bars. But the scanner does not load the 1 min data. I use the data from a MT4 Broker as was explained in the documentation ( The csv-data from MT4 looks like this:

2008.09.16    4:15    1.4238    1.4238    1.4211    1.4226    130
2008.09.16    4:20    1.4227    1.4234    1.4226    1.4228    55
2008.09.16    4:25    1.4227    1.4235    1.4226    1.4234    34
2008.09.16    4:30    1.4235    1.4235    1.4227    1.4229    68

I also tested the strategy with the data that comes in FSB software. So that it has worked. The csv data looks like this:

"26/06/89    00:00    0.99980    1.00120    0.99910    0.99980    43"
"27/06/89    00:00    0.99720    1.00500    0.99550    0.99970    166"
"28/06/89    00:00    0.99970    1.00250    0.99050    0.99890    233"

The data are copy and paste from Excel.

What could be the reason why the Intrabar-Scan does not work with the MT4 Broker data?

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Kai, the first data you quoted are with 5 minutes time frame.
You have to update all data files up to date in order to be loaded from Scanner. Does the scanner report any errors? What happens if you choose 5 minutes time frame and run scanner?

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Thanks for quick answer.
Off course I have the data for 1 min. timeframe. The data in my first post are examples to see the differences.
That I do:
I start the scanner and it open up the Intrabar-Scanner window . Below of the window I see the message: Load 1 minute data (or so - I use the German version). But nothing more. The progressbar is white. If I use the data that comes with FSB software the progress bar fills up.
The same are in 5 min timeframe. Also the scanner shows no errors.

any suggestions?

good trades Kai

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Does 1min data time period is sub-multitude of your main data series?
Like this:

      |<- Past                                 Time                             Now ->|
Ticks (optional)                                                             |<------>|
 1M                                                                          |<------>|
 5M                                                                |<---------------->|
15M                                       |<----------------------------------------->|
30M                     |<----------------------------------------------------------->|
 1H   |<----------------------------------------------------------------------------->|

Scanner will use:
                                                                             |or ticks|

Scanner uses shortest time data where is possible. Shorter data must fill up a whole bar from the upper time frame.

Load data one by one starting from 1 min in order to check them. Note the update date and time.

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Re: Intrabar-Scanner problems

All my data are complete  from 1 min to 1440 min since 01/01/2000.

perhaps helps that.
The next picture shows the data from the fsb software opened with excel.

fsb data

This picture shows the data from mt4 opened with excel.

mt4 data

The separator are different. ????

Maybe problems with country settings?

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If FSB loads data files one by on (not in Scanner, but by changing period on main screen), it means that they are in proper format. Post screen shots of Scanner when the main period is 5 min and 1 hour.

Re: Intrabar-Scanner problems

pic of scanner with load up 5 min:

scanner 5 min

pic of scanner with load up 60 min:

scanner 1 hour

Now I have a little bit tested. I found out if I use the Brokers .hst data ( over the upload function via: Market > Import Meta Trader 4 HST file) the scanner works very well.
I think it's up to the creation of the .csv data that makes  FSB.

1. Has anybody  the same problem?

2. Is it possible to fix this problem that everyone can use the .csv data directly from MT4 without convert by FSB?

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Re: Intrabar-Scanner problems

Hi Kai,
In MT4 I use the Tools, History Centre to download the data from MT4 which are .csv files and have no problem.
Have you also got automatic scan turned on in the FSB Testing tab.


Re: Intrabar-Scanner problems

Kai, can you zip and attach your data files. I'll check them. If there is an issue with FSB, I want to fix it.


Re: Intrabar-Scanner problems

At first - thanks for looking at my problem.

@ Jagmanmick
I do the same like you. With the scanner I have also all possibilities testet.

@ Popov
The data are EURUSD 1 min to 1440 min from FXDD. You can download the ZIP data (30 MB) here :

Thanks and good trades


Re: Intrabar-Scanner problems

Ha ha, very interesting way to exploit Thumb up.

I'm downloading now.

Re: Intrabar-Scanner problems

Scanner works well.

But you have HUGE number of bars... 2.5 million 1M bars...
Do you press Cancel button when you start Scanner?
FSB loaded intrabar data for 2 minutes on my laptop.
I suggest you to prune old data in the files to the newest 50 000 bars.

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Re: Intrabar-Scanner problems

Now I understand it. The fault lay in my data that were too large. FSB has a limitation in the processing of data. I thought  I control  the data to load up over  the Data Horizon window. For example, if I set the maximum number of bars to 20K then FSB invites only 20K of data. But I think FSB load the whole data series and shows only the selected bars from Data Horizon.

Corrects me if I'm wrong.

I have deleted my data before 2010 for testing purposes only and it works fine.

Many Thanks


Re: Intrabar-Scanner problems

For example, if I set the maximum number of bars to 20K then FSB invites only 20K of data. But I think FSB load the hole data series.

That's right. FSB loads whole data file, parses it, filters and cuts it according to the settings.

Probably we have to make some kind of preliminary cut in order to speed up the process.