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So, February of 2009, I registered at this site because I found an interesting piece of software for Forex trading.  It was a pretty nifty tool, and it did its job great.  Sadly, I left the forex world not soon after because of a lack of reputable brokers and what not.

Fast forward to 2012, three years later.  There is now a broader selection of reputable brokers and things in the forex work seem to be going up for the common person.  What I was not expecting was for this place to be here and for the software to still be under development.  The software works great, and I can't help but give you kudos Popov for keeping up at it all these years.

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Thank you Zazabar, and welcome back.

You are coming just in time for the new versions of the software.

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Awesome!  The site looks a lot more professional too wink

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hammad wrote:

hello, what software are you talking about guyz share share share )

The software this website develops. smile