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Hi Guys,
could you please help me to use this great tool with stock/indexes.
I have managed to import the data correctly into week data but whatever strategy I try to implement, the equity curve is ALWAYS continuos down.
So it must be very basic problem, either with the instrument, account settings, etc.
Even with the included $INDU does not seem to work.
I am trying to use BETA.
Thanks In advance,

Re: Using for stock/Indexes

I generated this for 10 seconds for the integrated IBM data.

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Re: Using for stock/Indexes

thanks for the quick reply.
that one really produces some profit, though the curve is not really nice.

I must have really basic problem, even the strategy gererator does not generate any strategy...
Can you point me to some good reading how/where to start the whole thing?

Re: Using for stock/Indexes

Try to set all charges to 0 Comissions, spread, rollover...
If all goes well you cen return them back.
After that remove the limitations from the generator and start it. It has to show some strategy very fast.

P.S. you can drag and drop the strategy file over the FSB main screen for faster opening.

Re: Using for stock/Indexes

thanks, that 0 commission thing helped a step forward.
but now the equity curve is over the roof.
opening the position every day and closing next day.
seemingly ignoring any real trade signal-
I am not new in trading but I must be missing something fundamental here.

First I just would like to see a simple trading model like MA crossover  with buying signals on crcossover up and selling at crossover down. (nothing within bar trading and close at eod or anything)