Topic: Price-action indicators

I've had some good bots generated using Ross Hook as the entry signal. When I looked into this, I realized it is actually a price-action signal. That got me to thinking... what other (mostly) price-action signals are available in FSB?

Here is a list I came up with so far, not 100% sure these all qualify. I think price-action would be any type of indicator that is based on price, a candle formation, or any other type of non-formula condition.

  - Bar Closing
  - Bar Opening
  - Day Opening
  - Entry Hour
  - Heiken Ashi
  - Hourly High Low
  - Previous Bar Closing
  - Previous Bar Opening
  - Price Move
  - Ross Hook
  - Round Number
  - Top Bottom Price

Price-action CONDITIONS
  - Bar Range
  - Data Bars Filter (?)
  - Date Filter
  - Day of Month
  - Day of Week
  - Entry Time
  - Heiken Ashi
  - Hourly High Low
  - Inside Bar
  - Narrow Range
  - Percent Change
  - Top Bottom Price
  - Volumes

Re: Price-action indicators

I ban most non-price action indicators from my opening points and opening logic when generating.

Re: Price-action indicators

I think you could include Donchian Channel  in the list as it is derived from highest high and lowest low over so many bars

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