Topic: Can't Find Parabolic SAR

Parabolic SAR is'nt available from the list of indicators when I'm using the program, but I've seen references to other people using it in this forum.

I've found the source code for this indicator on the main website. Do I have to load this ? If so, how do I do this ?

Re: Can't Find Parabolic SAR


The Parabolic SAR indicator is available as an "Opening logic condition"
and as a "Closing point". It is initially included in the program.

Its primary usage is in the "Closing point" slot where it also serves as
an entry filter (it allows entry as in its direction only).

To see some examples with PSAR set it into the "Closing point" slot,
open the Generator and click over the PSAR slot. A padlock image will
appear, showing that the slot is locked. Start the Generator and if you
are lucky, you will see a Parabolic SAR strategy