Topic: Hi krog I need your help

Hi krog I need your help
I need a filter tell the FST if distance between current bar and signal bar is more than 5(for example) dont inter trade
thank you  for your help

Re: Hi krog I need your help

Hi gladio,
I'm sorry, but this will not work for an indicator. This would have to be a feature request, to add to a future version of FST. Please add request to this thread: … -features/

Also -- the screenshot shows Awesome Oscillator HTF, is that correct? If so, I recommend: DO NOT use it. The HTF series has a bug in it, the FST actual trade results will not match the FSB backtesting over the same data. If you develop your strategy in FSB, it is only a random chance that your actual trades in FST will match your strategy.

Please use WTF indicators instead: … ndicators/
this series shows better matching between FST and FSB.