Topic: FSB v2.6.0.0 - March 6th 2008

We can say this is a major update.

The main changes are:

- Virtual trading account in EUR or USD.
You can change the settings from menu Account. If you uncheck the ?Show account in money? FSB will calculate the stats in pips.

- The strategy Overview explains the logic in plain English.

- Forex Strategy Builder can load the last used strategy automatically.

- You can choose a separate offline data folder for the history rates.
Menu Market -> Offline data directory

- The strategy generator was improved. It initially optimizes and refines the strategy. You can lock some slots also to keep them unchanged.
If you need additional filter to your strategy you can set it into the main window. After that open the strategy generator, lock the slots by clicking on them and start the generator. It will keep the locked slots unchanged.

- You can set long and short swap numbers in pips and a slippage value.
Use the button Charges. FSB keeps the values for each symbol.

- A Permanent Stop Loss can be used as additional exit level or as a permanent loss limiter.

- Additional journal by positions was provided.

- You can apply different color schemes.
There are several color schemes. Menu view -> Load a color scheme. For maniacs like me is ?Terminal?. You can change the colors or to make a new scheme. The files are in the System/Colors folder. 

- A Trailing Stop bug was fixed.

- Many other fixes.

Please, report the bugs or share your opinion. Your ideas for improvement are much appreciated.


We change the price of FSB from 0.00$ to 0.00?.
It is not too much but looks powerful these days. smile
We hope the users can afford this

Ops, what about the donation button! Does it work? wink

Have fun!

Re: FSB v2.6.0.0 - March 6th 2008

We found bug with the journal, so it is corrected in FSB v2.6.0.1

The changes are minimal and the most noticed one is the installer.
It seems it works well, but if you experience problems with it try the other downloads.

We welcome any feedback.

Have fun!

Re: FSB v2.6.0.0 - March 6th 2008

FSB v2.6.0.2 - March 16th 2008

A minor update was published today. It concerns the indicator charts.