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Topic: Data Gap from MT4 History Center

Dear all

I was trying to download historical data for my FSB back testing. However, MT4 can't seem to display the missing data between 2010.06.10 and 2011.09.22 for USDCAD M1. I've tried several methods over the past few days, including increase the maximum number of bars to over 4million, delete some data and refresh the charts and so on but I still face the same problem. Do you know what should I do?

I'm running on Window 7 Home Premium - 6GB RAM, 2.3GHz AMD Turion.

Thank you.


Re: Data Gap from MT4 History Center

Delete the entire history file, then try again. I know it's a fuss, have had this problem many times. So, after you've deleted the file, open MT, set the appropriate chart and start downloading the data by pressing Home and Page Up (or Down). If you still have problems, then it is very likely that it is on server side, therefore ask your broker (I've read somewhere that demo data tends to be choppy and with a very low quality, that might be your case also).