Topic: Wow this is the best thing forex I have ever downloaded

I want to give you thanks for the time it must have took to program the strategy builder.  What an awesome forex trading tool:

I used the generator
I used the scanner
I used the Optimizer

Then I started testing my own strategies with the program

I would love to post them here but they are just to good, I made a beautiful equity curve without a single moving average or macd or bands or any of the regular forex broker driven forex market stuff.   I like how this forex program lets you play with take profit and stop loss, you can watch the charts as you tinker.

I only ever day trade the forex with daily charts so all I was hoping for was the weekly chart data to test my daily trading systems on larger timeframe charts.  Also the other thing that I might suggest if I had the credentials to do so, was the data for the pairs, I want to get into that GBP/JPY right away I know I could an awesome curve in no time.  Of course no forex strategy or forex trading system can give the best results without drawdowns and losing streaks and such which is all normal trading stuff so I'm sure everyone here knows all ready.

I do not give forex trading recommendations or suggest that you risk your money buying or selling on the forex or through other investment instruments