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I have created a strategy in FSB in m15. When I open it in FST, it looks like system shows Daily bars.

What's wrong?

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Re: Different Timeframe

It shows it's connected to M15. Seems ok for me, where do you see daily bars?

Be sure to connect FST to the right chart in MT.

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1) First date is: 10-24 00:00 on the chart; the next one is 10-29 00:00 which is 5 days later so it means 1 bar= 1 day.

2) It doesn't show actual price so I assume it's static.

With 1 minute & 5 minute Timeframe MT4 & FST cooperate well. m15 & m30 and higher doesn't work.

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If you compare FST's chart to MT chart, are they different too?

Seems like data isn't loading up properly, have you changed some settings(number of bars on chart or something similar)? Is there enough data in MT? Are ticks coming through to FST? Do you see any error messages in MT or FST?