Topic: Forex forecast?

Someone used the service ForexNavigator ?
Are there any real feedback?

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Re: Forex forecast?
After analysing eurusd pair using trendline and geometrically, the probable direction for this pair will be to the downside for nextweek nov 10 onward.
What do you think ?
Ulas Valas

Re: Forex forecast?

Guys are you talking about a Forex Navigator? I´ve never heard about that can you extend an explanation please?. Thanks a lot.

Re: Forex forecast?

I'm not sure if these forecasts are the best.

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Re: Forex forecast?

I agree with you it is not sure whether it is right or not or it is the best today i have read one article which i am quoating for you all

The forex trading forecast for the U.K. pound calls for a measure of stability for now. Sterling is seeing some strength in currency trading right now, as the MPC tries to reassure markets after yesterday's interest rate cut.
Another factor helping sterling in currency trading right now is the fact that risk appetite is making a cautious appearance as hopes are kindled for the economic stimulus bill in the U.S. and the dollar pulls back. Action Forex reports on the forex trading forecast for the U.K. pound:
Markets will not be confident that rates have reached their lowest point, but there will be speculation over a period of stability. The UK currency also gained some support from an improvement in risk appetite.