Topic: Day Closing logic issue

I have been testing a strategy with "Day closing" als Closing point of the Position.
This works well but I like to bring up 1 observation and 1 problem.

I am using the 5 min timeframe for my strategy.
Using FSB to test the strategy alle trades are closed at 23:55.
While using FST the trades are all closed at 00:00 or at 23:59.
Why is there a 5 min difference between them ?

On friday the market does not close at 23:59 but earlier. Most brokes stop ar 22:00. (GMT+1 time)
So on friday the orders are not closed before the market stops trading friday night.

Is this by design or is this a small bug that can be fixed ?


Re: Day Closing logic issue

On FSB you see the bar open time. So, you close at the end of the 5min bar that begins at 23:55. The actual close is at 24:00.
On FST the close order is sent 2-3 seconds before the end of the bar (server time). The actual execution depends on the broker (network) speed.

You correctly noticed that Day Close is not working properly on Friday night. You better use Exit Hour on Friday.

Re: Day Closing logic issue

Mr Popov,

Thank you for the clarification.

Cosing of friday with Exit hour will not really help me. Because I use the 5 min chart and I let the strategy run from monday thru friday non stop. This means I will have to modify the strategy on friday.
If I do that then I am not sure if FST will see my open trades and then close them.

I will make a seperate EA to close all on friday or will try and see if I can make a own Day Close.

Thanks for the fast response.

Re: Day Closing logic issue

Please rad this post:

Re: Day Closing logic issue

It make sense to add Friday close time to Day closing for FST.