Topic: Position.OpeningBar - copying to new position when adding lots

In Backtester Calculator.cs, I've found that when a lot is added to an existing position, it will transfer some info from the old position to the new position. This is in SetPosition (line 186), and the copying happens around lines 282 to 290. Adding to a long / short position is around lines 365 to 424.

However it does not copy over Position.OpeningBar. Is there a reason for not copying it? I'm going to add it in for a feature I want to add, asking first in case it is known this will break something.


Re: Position.OpeningBar - copying to new position when adding lots

I'd also like to add a new property for the first price of the position, even after more lots are added. Currently, I see Position.FormOrdPrice, which is the price of the order of the new lot. And there is Position.PosPrice, which is the average of all the opening prices as new positions are added.
I want to keep the first price when the position is opened, regardless of adding or reducing lots, called Position.PosStartPrice.