Topic: Closing point of position

Hello -

Is there a reason why you can't have both a closing point to a position and a closing logic condition?  For example, I would like to include the "Account Percent Stop" as a closing position in case of a losing trade.  However, I would also like to be able to close a winning trade based on changes in certain technical indicators but am not able to select those closing conditions because I have selected the "Account Percent Stop".   Thanks

Re: Closing point of position

FSB was initially designed with one entry point and one exit point. Additionally, the Permanent TP and SL were added.
Currently you can use one exit point in the "Closing Point of the Position" slot only.
If the closing point is "Bar Closing" (or similar), you can add sets of logical conditions as triggers, in order to activate the exit. (By using logical Groups, you can apply several sets of independent conditions).

Using  "Account Percent Stop" and  "Bar Closing" + exit logical conditions requiters two sets of "Closing Point of the Position" slots, which is not possible in current FSB version.