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Attached is a strategy where it takes a Take Profit Level at 1251. The Strategy Properities adds 1 lot up to a max. of 5 lots. I am using 5 digit quotations.

Is the take profit level set at 12.5 pips above for each lot at the previous opened lot's price?

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Re: Take Profit Level

You have two sets for Take Profit in this strategy:
1. Permanent Take Profit = 1000pips;
2. Take Profit = 1251pips (in the closing Point of the Position slot);

Since the first TP is nearer to the position entry, it will always overwrite the second one.
FSB will set 1000 pips TP every time it changes the position (Opens or Adds in that case)

So for your 5 digit broker it means that if the last entry (adding) is at 1.44444. The Take Profit will be at
1.44444 + 0.00001 * 1000 = 1.44444 + 0.01 = 1.45444