Topic: what do you do when not enough logic slots?

Hello I am new to the software and have been learning how to use it for last week or so.

I find the format of forex strategy builder brilliant and like that you have simple logic conditions like "ADX is rising", but if you also want the indicator to be above a level, I have used 2 opening logic slots for my 1st strategy indicator and find myself quickly running out of opening logic slots.

I am hoping that a member of the forum might point me in the direction of what others do when trying to create slightly more complex strategies that have a number of "AND" conditions that exceed the 8 available logic slots.

Do people somehow combine indicators as a filter (I read about this in the manual and forum, but a static filter) wont solve the above from a trading perspective.

Is there another approach?

Some help or direction with where to start on this problem would be greatly appreciated, thanks Dave.

Re: what do you do when not enough logic slots?

Open the FSB folder, then System->config.xml . Adjust maxFilter setting. I hope it works.

Dave, don't you think that using more than 8 filters is a bit too much?

Re: what do you do when not enough logic slots?

If the strategy uses Logical Groups, it can become very complex very fast.  I have at least 1 that I couldn't complete because it ran out of slots.

Re: what do you do when not enough logic slots?

Thank you for feedback.
Your suggestion about adjusting the filter setting seems to work! and I do understand that keeping it simple usually works best.

Perhaps my query reflects my base knowledge of the software and an in-efficient way I am using it, at present.

The 2nd suggestion to use logical groups might also be a way of more efficiently defining my strategy, but I don't currently know how to use logical groups and the link to this topic in the user manual does not contain any information.

I have read some related threads and topics but have not gained a working understanding as yet.

(My aim is to create a simple strategy that trades in the direction of a short moving average, but only when in the same direction as a longer moving average, but I do want to use a series of filters and it is defining these filters within Forex Strategy Builder where I quickly run out of logic slots.)

Again, thanks for your suggestions, Dave