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Wow I have to say that FSB+ FST are the best of the best packages that I’ve used in a long time, and I’m just using them since 3 days  smile

I have one question about the Strategy generator.

How are the strategy build?  By random combination of different indicators, or by brute force combinations with all the possible indicators, or something else?

One interesting approaches that I’ve seen in other packages is genetic programming.

There are a lot of open source library for .Net example (

This will help reduce the amount of work required for searching a new strategy. I don’t know if I’m allowed to talk about other packages in this forum by I’ve tried the Adaptrade builder (there is a demo that you can try for 14 days at )  and it’s really really fast in creating strategy.

Just my 2 cents to improve an already wonderful piece of software.

Thanks Popov for all your work done. smile

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it's random in principle, but it has a certain algorithm as I understand.

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Thanks for answering …so in the end it’s using a random algorithm (with no logic behind)?

Some more examples and open source packages (.Net) to improve the strategy generation. … evTwo.aspx … ithms.html


Re: Strategy generator … rithm.aspx