Topic: fractals and ross hook ideas

i have ideas about Fractals and ross hook indicators
i will use fractals as an example

The idea is:
Compare up fractals with each others and down fractals  with each others

Example ; if the second up fractal is lower than 1st up fractal and the second down fractal is lower than the 1st down fractals SO SELL
(Oranga circles)

reverse for BUY ( Green circles)

Also If we can make indicator more flexible in selecting the Nos of up and down fractals to compare ( they can be 2 with 2 or 3 with 3 or 3 with 2 and so on)

Re: fractals and ross hook ideas

Please see also this: … dalhoseny/

Re: fractals and ross hook ideas

Hey zenoni
What is the relation between both topics!!!!


Re: fractals and ross hook ideas

Dear popov
This reply is to follow up My idea regarding to fractals and how to use in a different way ( expand the use of fractals and ross hook from being a breakout entry point to also a trend indicator as well)

Using this approach will filter a lot of fake breakouts that happens in the non trending markets

The idea is to compare new fractal point with the old fractals   
in attached Picture  if up f1> up F2 && Dn F1> Dn F2 then Go Long at Up F1

Also The logic can be expanded to compare More than Two up fractals and Two down Fractals for example three up fractals and Three Dn fractals, it can also compare Up fractals with Down Fractals

Is that Indicator possible !!!!!